Before you even read this post I want to make something abundantly clear;  the destruction and devastation that I describe in this post that Caudill and I are feeling pales in comparison to the extreme loss that is being felt in Tuscaloosa, Pratt City, Pleasant Grove and other towns in and around Alabama. My heart hurts for the precious people who have lost everything. Yes Caudill and I have been severely impacted by the tornado but we consider ourselves blessed to be here and we are ready and willing to do anything we can to help families that have been affected by the tornados. If anyone out there reading knows of any needs please let me know.

With that said, here is my moment by moment recap…

Caudill and I woke up last Wednesday morning at 5:56am to a very strange, horrendously loud noise. The noise sounded like a washer on the spin cycle where all the clothes stick to one side. The noise was so loud you could barely think straight. We quickly realized it was a tornado and ran into our hall closet as quickly as we could.  

The next 90 seconds were a blur.

The whole house shock violently and then I passed out. I woke up to Caudill screaming “pull it together, pull it together…we need to get out, NOW”. At that time I was very confused and scared. I was not able to walk so Caudill began to shove me down the hall. He later told me he thought the house was about to collapse so he was desperately trying to get us out. At that time the neighbor ran over to check on us, and next thing I know I am on our neighbors couch.

A few minutes later, once I was able to pull it together I walked outside and I saw this.

(obviously this pics were taken hours later, but still..you get the picture)

So, then neighbors began to swarm out of their homes, knocking on each other’s doors checking to make sure everyone was alright. I walked outside and just stood there, in the pouring rain trying to understand what just happened. I wanted to go and help but I couldn't get my body to move (apparently in life threatening situations I am a total wuss).  A few minutes later friends of ours who live two streets over came over to check on us and they said that the really bad stuff was headed our way and would be here in a few hours….

There is so much more to the story and I have so much more to say but I do not have the time or energy to finish writing about it but here is the run-down of the latest:

1.       Caudill, me and our sweet lab, Lilly are doing ok.
2.       Our insurance company (ALFA) has been incredible.
3.       Our home is not livable at this time.
4.       Caudill and I have moved our clothes, files, and toiletries into a furnished 2 bedroom apartment that insurance is paying for. PRAISE GOD!
5.       We are currently staying with Caudill’s brother and wife because the two bedroom apartment we ‘moved’ into does not have power yet
6.       Just got a call from Caudill less than one minute ago and he just informed me the power to the apartment is now ON, WAHOOO!

Like I said, I have so much more to tell but unfortunately do not have the time right now, please stay tuned J I have learned so much through all of this and I can’t wait to share! 


  1. Jage i am so glad y'all are ok! i can't believe all of this i feel like it happened so fast! We went to Apison, TN to do some relief work on Sunday and it was just incredible how much damage had been done. And all the stories break my heart! love you girl, so glad y'all are safe!

  2. Jage, I'm praying for y'all and all the others involved in all the tornados. I'm so sorry but glad to hear that you are ok!